world wide web

After several days on the road and a week in a cabin almost completely ‘unplugged’ I am happy to say that I have found a nice little local café on the oceanfront with wifi!  Oh, sure, it is nice to unplug and appreciate nature.  And I certainly enjoyed the drive and the scenery in ways I cannot even begin to express yet.  But, I confess, I miss the world wide web!  And I can FINALLY keep up with the blog.

About the road trip….I wish I could say that I have a ton of photos all neatly captioned and ready to post with stories of the quirky people and unique townships I met along the way.  But, no.  I have a handful of photos (that I will post shortly) and not much to say.  Why the blog then?  Well, I hope to offer more about the northern coast, the Redwoods and archives.

But as I was saying about the trip: California is home.  It always has been and I am pretty sure it always will be no matter where my jobs take me in the future.  I met incredible friends in Tucson and had great adventures with my volunteer work and at the U.  I would not trade these for even the best bubble-gum trading card.  I even really like the desert in some ways; I like the quiet, the seemingly endless plains, the smell of rain (I think everyone like this, don’t you?), and the early morning warmth of the sun hitting the desert and shoving the cold night aside.  The gap I could never fill, the hole in my heart, the Moby Dick if you will, was the ocean.  I missed the rocky cliffs of the coast, the sound of the ocean, the smell of salty water and even the brine of small marshes, the otters kicking about in the bay, the trees squatting on the coast hunched down against the wind.   I missed the comforts of home.  For this I found it impossible to stop and take pictures or write.  There is absolutely no way to verbally express the feeling of coming home.

I missed the struggle of smushing sand under my feet to get to the beach. I missed the impossibility of the life in the ocean.  Have you seen the fish and mammals coming out of the Pacific? I am certainly no marine biologist or any other kind of biologist for that matter.  You can visit this guy’s blog to learn more, but Grey Whales that migrate up to 13,000 miles in the winter and spring are directly related to seal populations, plankton, copepods and other species that convert carbon dioxide into organic matter, etc., etc.  And without that lifecycle ours would certainly not survive.  Now THAT is a world wide web.

I am not opposed to leaving California again for the right opportunity.  The archives are an amazing new world of discovery for me and I love the work.  And, after all home, as people seem to believe, is in the heart.  This may be true, but every now and then I think you have to refill the heart.  I intend to spend this 6month vacation in the Redwoods breathing in every bit of the Redwoods, the seals, the whales, the salt air, the sun coming over the hills and the entirety of the ocean to refill my heart.   Then, I will be ready to explore again.  I will go where the job takes me, reconnect and jump fully back into the other web.

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