15 Days and Counting

In the last 6 months I have been a little remiss about keeping up with posts as my friend Carol keeps reminding me.  She is right and I have no excuse except that life up here is so full of awesome that I hardly have to time to do anything but be in awe. But big things have and are happening so I will be blogging my last 15 days with a passion!

Since I am now at day 13 I’ll have to fudge it a little. I’ll tell you what I did on day 15 here today and send you to Day 14 on fb since I have already posted it there.

Day 15. No pics yet, I am waiting for my colleague to forward them to me. But, what an amazing day! It started out as the ho-hum of a beautiful coastal commute and brightened up when I spotted a few young Roosevelt Elk on Big Lagoon.

8:00am I find a great pic featured on the intranet splash page! Yay! It’s the shredded-paper-snow-man I made for my coworker for her last day!

His speech cloud read “You are irreplaceable.”

8:12am I get straight to work on the audio-visual collection arrangement, and back to transcribing and transferring the Oral History collection.

9:00am the cultural resource manager from another park arrives. Cool!

9:05am an NPS conservator arrives. Cool-er!!  Keep reading to find out why…

Around 1045 or so every weekday morning I head down to the gym for a stretch and a quick walk on the treadmill (gotta keep the blood flowing!). Right around that time, the archivist saunters up and says casually… “So, the curator and the conservator are working on the boat at Kuchel Visitor Center. They’ve invited y’all (she’s from the Carolinas) to come out and observe if you’d like.”  Within seconds I am in my car and at the KVC. Seriously it was that fast.  My blood was definitely pumping.

I proceeded to spend Day 15 assisting with the conservation of a hand-carved redwood dug-out!  The dug-out was made by Yurok elders specifically for display.  A group of us took a secret concoction and some very standard tools to rub down the canoe in order to remove the layer of lichen that were homesteading there. Conversation consisted of conservation methods, theories on preservation and how amazingly difficult it is to get into a conservator training program.  FYI, this was one of my little dreams come true: to work side-by-side with a conservator on museum artifacts. [insert large grin]

The day ended with a great group of people at Six-Rivers Brewery “the brew with a view”. Fish & chips, great friends and a pale ale later, I called it a day.

Day 15. Amazing.

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