Day 13 Countdown

Day 13.
A few days ago it hit me.  Hard.  15 days until my vacation in paradise is over.  Vacation? What’s that you say?  This is no vacation, it’s a job! A career! I relocated over 1,200 miles for a this 6-month job.  I drive almost that many miles every month commuting to and from work.  I work ten-hour days and clock about a 40 hour work-week just in drive time every month.  But, seriously!  Have you seen my commute? Zoom in on this because it’s worth it!

So, at day 15 panic set in because my routine, my life and a job I love are going to be turned upside down!  No more coastal morning drive on Hwy-101 with a fog-lifter from Los Bagels after flirting with the surfer-barista who looks amazingly handsome in an apron.  I’ll miss coasting over the 101 berm at Clam Beach to watch the morning sun hit the waves as the early morning clam-diggers do their thing in waders.  And, sadly I will not get to cross the three lagoons I love.  Big Lagoon I’ll miss you the most.

So I took Day 13 to explore a little more of the Park.  I’m fighting a cold so I took it easy today: Lady Bird Johnson Grove and the Trail, two owls in a tree (thanks to Rex, a really nice Redwood Park VIP), Dolason Ranch Trail, Bald Hills Prairie, and Redwood Creek Overlook.  Then home to a beautiful sunset on the coast. (Oh – I’ll miss the archives too!)

Day 13.  Short and sweet. Panic subdued for now. Enjoy…
(Click on an image to view a larger image and scroll through using the arrows.)

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