Day OMG Where Has the Time Gone?

Day 5 was all about letting go as I sold the last of my few belongings to lighten my load for a trip back to San Diego on my way back to Tucson.  And then I looked up and the time had flown by.  Before I knew it the trunk of my car was filled with books, clothing and a redwood door (see day 5).   I swept out the studio, said goodbye to the awesome neighbor that I sadly never got to hang out with, and showed up on my friend’s front door step to stay for one last weekend.

So maybe I hadn’t quite let go.

My last weekend in Arcata as I prepared for SAA: coffee at my fave spot, samosas from my fave deli, beer at my fave bar, a long walk through the neighborhood to take mental pics of my fave spots, picked flowers from the local front-step flower shop, organized my friend’s collection of herbs, rocks and thumb drives (I am an archivist after all) and a lovely time just breathing.

The rest of the weekend: reading, researching, reading, and reading some more to catch up on SAA happenings, oral history trends and planning the road trip.  Monday morning: panic.  Where has all my time gone!!  I have to leave Humboldt County.  Fortunately, I was heading to a conference and rooming with two people from Humboldt, meeting with the SAA task force and catching up on the oral history project.

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