Oceans and Archives San Diego

While I always enjoy a good conference and take every opportunity to engage with fellow professionals, this year SAA offered more than a few amazing encounters!  Brevity is the order of the day and so here are the highlights…

Annual Meeting Task Force: I was happy to finally meet my subcommittee colleagues in person after several months of conference calls and also to participate in the open forum where SAA members shared their thoughts, expectations and ideas for future meetings.  Our group is tasked with developing suggestions for future meeting venues, cities and content delivery.  Please visit our page and comment!

Oral History Project The project was passed to myself and another archivist who will be coordinating the project this year.

Roomies: Conversations with my roomies ranged from diversity in the archives, to cultural preservation, to living in rural areas, to amazing (and not so amazing) presentations, consultant projects and pricing, and to the benefits, experience and limitations of the ACA test.  Would love to hear any feedback from you all on the purpose, benefits, limitations, etc. on ACA and certification!

Much of my non-session time was spent with fellow KRs, SIRLS alumni and some of the most incredibly involved activist colleagues enjoying the San Diego weather bay side while we caught up on projects, the future of archives and the need for increasing our diverse voices in the archives. If you don’t mind a little name dropping – they have some great projects going on that you simply MUST see!….in no particular order (how do you arrange awesome??)

Nancy Godoy, Curator, Chicano Research Collections, ASU
Susan Gehr, Consultant
Martha Cotera, Activist and Author
Maria Cotera, Activist and Author
Xaviera Flores, Project Archivist, ASU
Adrienne Harling, Consultant

Not a whole lot of ocean time, but definitely got my fill of archives!

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