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Day 5. Letting Go.

“There’s a trick to the ‘graceful exit.’ It begins with the vision to recognize when a job, a life stage, or a relationship is over — and let it go” – Ellen Goodman There is more to the quote than … Continue reading

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Day 9. I’m pretty sure anyway.

I’m standing at the counter having a dinner of popcorn, a sandwich and a frosty beverage.  Exhausted from a whole lot of white noise, editing, and writing today but trying to get a head start on packing.  Spent the day … Continue reading

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Day 10. a brief peek at the mechanics of an a/v project…

For the past month or so I have been working on audio/visual materials in the archives.  Audio terminology and technology is not completely new to me.  I worked for an audio engineering company during the dotcom age where I was … Continue reading

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Day 11. Time for a Revolution: Internships, Jobs and Volunteers

Being new to the field of museums and archives (a mere two-year fledgling), but not new to a working career (over 15 years in non-profit and corporate management) I look at a variety of employment forums. At different times in … Continue reading

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Stories, Voices and Endings…Day 12

Day 12.  Today, I continued working on an audio/visual collection that includes oral histories, recorded workshops, group interviews, and tours of historic structures and sites narrated by locals with stories of their families, community and past times. The project requires transferring … Continue reading

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15 Days and Counting

In the last 6 months I have been a little remiss about keeping up with posts as my friend Carol keeps reminding me.  She is right and I have no excuse except that life up here is so full of … Continue reading

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order in the face of entropy

What is an archivist? In no particular order…. a teacher: guiding people to materials that fulfill their needs and create more inquiry a librarian: collecting, organizing, cataloging and providing access to materials an archaeologist: discovering and preserving cultural resources a project … Continue reading

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Staples. The Fastenter, Not the Store.

In the process of processing multitudinous piles of correspondence, reports and photos of what is referred to as the “central files” (read: administrative records) it has been suggested that the number of staples in a document often correlates to the … Continue reading

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Annual Meeting Task Force Feedback

Annual Meeting Task Force Feedback

The Annual Meeting Task Force is charged with analyzing current practices related to the SAA Annual Meeting as well as possible future approaches, and delivering to the Council a report with recommendations as to which current practices should be changed and what new practices should be implemented. The task force will consider how issues of social responsibility should be addressed; how meeting sites, including hotels, are selected; the current meeting model and meeting structure; increasing diversity in meeting sites; how to limit cost of meeting attendance for participants; how to best make meeting content available to those who cannot attend; and the extent of SAA’s dependence on the annual meeting for budget revenue, as well as any other issues they deem appropriate.

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Marginalia. Apostil.  Scribbles. Scrawled notes. Annotations.  Post-its and routing slips. One of the greatest joys I find in working with archival material is the treasure of marginalia and annotations.  Sometimes, as with annotation, the notes and comments are made with intent.  … Continue reading

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